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22 December 1990
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Hello, it's nice to meet you.
i always have trouble fitting a description of myself into a nice little paragraph. my name is margaret mary murphy. some of my friends call me max. i'm sixteen years old. i'm living my life the best i can. i don't have many friends, but people would never guess that. music, performing and photography are my passions. they are the three things that keep me going. i have a voice that can sing. i thrive on the stage lights of the theater and i create an extension of my heart with every click of the shutter. i want to incorporate all three into my future in some way...hopefully i'll know how at some point. i honestly can say i wear my heart on my sleeve. when i crush, i crush hard. i owe the best times of my life to a few incredible people...there are only really 7 or 8 of them. and i hope they know who they are. but the people who read this most likely don't know me. and that is how i want it.

thanks for reading.
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